2023. Navy Fleet week

Broward County Council Navy League

Bob Licari was invited by the Postmaster to join in a Private Tour of the USS Cole Battleship in Port Everglades Florida. The USS Cole was attacked by Al-Qaeda suicide cell. 17 Sailors were killed. The ship has since been upgraded to new technology and all damages were repaired.

BrainSell Stranglers Python Removal Team


The Python Elimination Program started in 2017 and incentivizes a limited number of public-spirited individuals to humanely euthanize these destructive snakes which have become an invasive apex predator in the Everglades.

Rescue a Cat Stuck

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-02 at 12.11.10 AM

BrainSell and Handy Electric of Florida team up to rescue a cat stuck on a 3rd story roof for almost 2-weeks. Neighbors were throwing food wrapped in wet bread to get food and water to the young feline.